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Announcing Support for the Arduino Nicla Voice

Embedded Devices, Artificial Intelligence, TinyMLAnnouncing official support for the Arduino Nicla Voice development board.

Eoin Jordan

February 7, 2023

Today we are excited to announce official support for the Arduino Nicla Voice development board, the latest of Arduino Pro’s industrial-grade and high-performance platforms, and the second supported by Edge Impulse in the Nicla range.

The Nicla Voice features a high-performance microphone and IMU, a Nordic nRF52832 Cortex-M4 MCU, and Syntiant's NDP120 Neural Decision Processor. 

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Read the How do I get started? sectionHow do I get started?

  1. You can purchase a Nicla Voice directly from the Arduino Store.
  2. Begin building your industrial-grade embedded machine learning applications for the Arduino Nicla Voice board with our Getting Started Guide.
  3. Follow the Responding to Your Voice Guide.
  4. Go to the Deployment tab of your Edge Impulse project, then build and download a ready-to-go binary that includes your machine learning model for the board; or deploy as a NDP120 library and integrate the model into your firmware

Read the Why not 3D print your own wearable case? sectionWhy not 3D print your own wearable case?

The form factor of this device follows that of the Nicla Vision, it fits well in both human and machine health use cases, and we have designed a case that can be used in both of these scenarios. 

You can mount to a machine with a 10mm magnet, M2 screws, or pop a battery in and wear it on your wrist with a 16mm Nato strap!

Congratulations! You have now successfully built and deployed a low-power audio classification application for the Arduino Nicla Voice!


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