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Solving Real World Problems with Embedded Machine Learning: "AI at the Edge" by Daniel Situnayake and Jenny Plunkett

TinyML, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded DevicesThis practical guide gives engineering professionals an end-to-end framework for solving real-world problems with edge AI.

Jenny Plunkett

January 20, 2023

    We are thrilled to announce the release of “AI at the Edge,” a new publication by O’Reilly authored by Edge Impulse’s Daniel Situnayake (Head of ML) and Jenny Plunkett (Senior Developer Relations Engineer).

    In this book, Situnayake and Plunkett delve into the exciting field of AI at the edge, exploring the ways in which artificial intelligence is being utilized in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and other edge/embedded computing systems. They examine the key technologies and trends that are driving this development, and provide practical guidance on how to implement AI at the edge in your own projects, including using the Edge Impulse Studio!

    This practical guide gives engineering professionals, including product managers and technology leaders, an end-to-end framework for solving real-world industrial, commercial, and scientific problems with edge AI. You'll explore every stage of the process, from data collection to model optimization to tuning and testing, as you learn how to design and support edge AI and embedded ML products. Edge AI is destined to become a standard tool for systems engineers. This high-level road map helps you get started.

    • Develop your expertise in AI and ML for edge devices
    • Understand which projects are best solved with edge AI
    • Explore key design patterns for edge AI apps
    • Learn an iterative workflow for developing AI systems
    • Build a team with the skills to solve real-world problems
    • Follow a responsible AI process to create effective products

    To celebrate the launch, Edge Impulse is offering a free two-chapter excerpt so you can begin exploring the benefits of AI at the edge! 


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