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Privacy-Friendly Advertising Panels, Powered by AI

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, TinyMLLearn how to combine AI and IoT technology to build privacy-friendly advertising screens with Edge Impulse, Seeed Studio, and Soracom.

Edge Impulse Team

September 20, 2022

    Smart advertising screens are becoming the new standard for modern smart cities. Equipped with cameras and sensors, advertisers can customize and refresh content on the fly, while engaging and targeting audiences like never before. 

    In this webinar, Edge Impulse, Soracom, and Seeed Studio break down how to to build privacy-friendly advertising panels including:

     • Training a machine learning model to detect faces in real-time. 

    • Running web applications locally on the Seeed reComputer, powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson platform.

    • Enabling AIoT by connecting any device to the cloud over cellular with Soracom's Onyx LTE modem. 

    • Counting people and measuring the time of exposure. 

    • Automatically refreshing the displays while deploying “on-device anonymization” techniques using edge machine learning.


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